Hospital Based Outpatient ServicesMMO owns or operates hospital based outpatient services providing an array of outpatient treatment options meeting the specific needs of each individual.
Inpatient Physical RehabilitationMMO provides inpatient physical rehabilitation aimed at improving each patient's independence in the performance of activities associated with daily living.
Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization

MMO provides inpatient psychiatric services specializing in the treatment of adult and geriatric populations who are experiencing acute changes in their emotional and mental well-being.

Management ServicesThe MMO System is a time tested, revenue producing approach to outpatient behavioral health management.
Outpatient Counseling ServicesMMO provides traditional outpatient services at many of their facilities for adults, geriatrics and children.  If traditional outpatient services are not provided at the MMO facility in your area, a confidential assessment and appropriate referral is still available upon request.



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