Our Founder

Chris Nichols | Founder of MMO Behavioral Health Systems

When Chris Nichols started MMO nearly 20 years ago, it began as a single service agency operating out of one location. During the early years at MMO, Chris had three employees, her desk was made by placing a board over two filing cabinets and they had to go to the street each night to turn off the water due to a leak and limited resources. Today, MMO employs over 550 people, treating an average of 1000 clients each day in one of its sixteen facilities. The growth of MMO has been carefully managed to insure that each component meets an identified community need. Where possible, services are added that contribute to the development of a continuum of client care.

"MMO is committed to not only providing quality mental health services, but to also assist our clients in getting more out of life, according to Chris. The team at MMO believes strongly that it can make a real difference in the lives of those suffering with mental illness. "If you take something worthwhile that has value, whether it is a human life or an old building, and add loving care and hard work you can bring something back to its former glory. The return on investment can't be measured on a financial statement alone, said Chris Nichols. Although Chris retired in 2008, she remains an advocate for individuals living with mental illness and, for anyone that has spent any time with her, a role model and inspiration.



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