MMO Corporate Compliance Officer

Daryl W. Allen, CHC - Ms. Allen joined MMO in 2005 and has held several increasingly responsible positions with the company including a promotion in 2007 to the Corporate Compliance Officer. She developed the current Compliance Program that MMO is committed to today. Under her direction, the company has remained committed to a working compliance program which has been deemed an effective OIG plan by an outside audit firm. Continuous monitoring, auditing, education, and oversight are the keys to the success of the MMO compliance program. Ms. Allen has been nationally certified in Healthcare Compliance since 2009.

MMO is committed to promoting a culture of integrity and ethical behavior

MMO has adopted a Corporate Compliance Program to assist our organization in the successful, effective, and ongoing development of a compliance process as outlined by the U.S. Sentencing Commission and the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

The focus of this compliance program is maintaining effective internal controls that recognize and establish adherence to existing and newly issued law, regulation, and governance with regard to federal and state statutes, and program requirements of federal, state, and private health plans.

The goals of this process are many. They include establishment of and maintaining a culture that promotes prevention, detection and resolution of conduct that is not in conformance with law and regulation; education as to our organization's ethical and business policy; and development of benchmarks that allow us to establish and monitor compliance.

What is the process for reporting MMO compliance concerns?

  • In Person - Each Director and the Corporate Compliance Officer, Daryl Allen, CHC, will maintain regular office hours during which reports may be made in person.
  • Email Reports may be submitted to the Facility Program Director and the Corporate Compliance Officer via e-mail.
  • Written Reports shall be directed to the Facility Program Director and the Corporate Compliance Officer through the mail system, drop box system, or personal delivery as appropriate. Written reports may be signed or unsigned and should identify the specific information needed to conduct a meaningful investigation of concerns.
  • Personnel may also communicate concerns to a supervisor or manager. Upon receiving a complaint from a staff member, the supervisor or manager shall forward those to the Corporate Compliance Officer and maintain anonymity of the complainant if asked to do so.
  • The Compliance Hotline with voicemail is available twenty-four hours per day for anonymous or identified reporting call (225) 388-5005.  When reporting anonymously, please leave detailed information on the situation so a thorough investigation can be conducted.  Please include: Facility name and location, staff member(s) names if involved or accused, dates, details of the incident(s), any other information that may assist in the investigation.
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